Links Page

Here's a page of links that I kinda find amusing or whatever


Multiplex is awesome. It updates Mon and Thur. It just reminds me of my days workin at the theater.

I enjoy afterstrife. It's a great follow up to HOUSD. Just check it out.

If I could make a recomendation it would definately be PVP. It's a professional webcomic and awesome.

Not too long ago I discovered an awesomeness simply known as DR MCNINJA! This webcomic updates Mon, Wed, and Fri

VeryCuddlyCornpone is the bomb diggity yo. She's my friend from the Comicgenesis forums and she is awesome!
She makes two wonderfully entertaining comics that you should check out. Loud Era is a tale of youth in early 20th century America.
Band Geeks Anonymous is her other work and if you were ever in Band you'll laugh your behind off, and if you weren't it is still highly entertaining.

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