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About the Comics

Some Peoples Children or SPC has a long, fragmented and kind of random history. The first piece to emerge was actually the name. I know it's a weird place to start, but that is the beggining. You see back in the 9th grade I had this cool/weird/totally awesome science teacher who during class would randomly comment "HONESTLY! Some People's Children!" This was always amusing to me and to this day I still use it in conversation. Don't ask me why. I supose the next phase in SPC history was the actual style. It was honestly a work of magic. I've been known to draw since a young age, but I'll admit i ain't no DaVinci. Well, anyway, during High School i was at home with my sketch book when I got this strange urge to doodle some random characters. I just went with the flow and the ultimate picture looked something like this...

Sweet huh? Like I said it was just magic. I declared it my new style. I didn't do much with it though. Originally i used the style to make a picture for a band I started which was the original SPC.

Anyway I would just draw a bunch of single pannels based of things I'd overhear or things me and my friends did until I started the strip in college. It was my second year and I was dirt poor. One day while looking through the school paper I saw an advertisement requesting cartoonists. I immediately made up a submission strip and sent it to the editor. I didn't get a regualar job, but they did offer to print some of my stuff and pay for what they put in. IT WAS HORRIBLE! Not only did they hose me in money, but they demanded so many changes from me, and they even had the nerve to change some of my punchlines! Now these guys were horrible! The paper is kind of a joke (I'm not the only one who thinks so).

After I moved back in with my parents I decided that my comics deserved better treatment. Thus I started this site. It's taken me quite a while to actually get things in gear. I just want to have a little fun and share that with as many people as I can.

About the Artist

My name is Chuck. I'm from North Ogden Utah. I've pretty much spent my whole life hear, except for the first eight years of my life in California.

I'm currently a Political Science student. I hope to graduate next year, but we'll see.

What else?...hmmm I am of Mexican herritage, but I am a coconut, brown on the outside, white on the inside. At least that's what my family calls me. I guess growin up in Northern Utah didn't do much for my cultural upbringing. Other than that I'm just me...Yup what else do you want?

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