December 28, 2009:

WOOOOOOT I GOTS ME A TABLET AND THAT MEANS THREE NEW STRIPS FOR YOU GOOD FOLK! YEah I failed to complete my Blasphemy week in time this year, so it will be pushed to the Easter week! Anywho I was under the impression that I had already posted it, but I guess I failed. Yeah I got a wonderful Christmas Filler gift from Geoduck at the comicgenesis forums! Ummmm yeah I can't think of anything else really to say at this ping hahahaha! Hope ya'll weren't too upset with me. Oh and yes these three new strips pick up where I left off with my characters and is actually leading into a nice little story arc MWAHAHAHA!

November 26, 2009:

I decided to give a shout out here in my news section to my dear friend Very Cuddly Cornpone and all her peeps. So I have a number of filler comics uploaded and they will result in Tuesday and Thursday upddates. I'm entering the crunch time for end of semester work so that filler is convenient. Blasphemy week looks like it'll go off without a hitch thanks to the inspiration of my dear friend. One last announcement thing. I have a Paypal donation button up at the top of my page and wan't to know if it works hahaha. I'm trying to scrounge the money for a graphics tablet so I can streamline my work, and provide people with regular updates and better quality cartoons...visually cause my jokes are gonna stay stupid and change fo no one foo! Oh and feel free to take advantage of my Email button till I get a new strictly comic email address! I value your input, unless it's stoopid, then I laugh at it. HAha later!

November 12, 2009:

Soooooooooooooo...Yeah is there anyone who actually ever looks at this page? If so i am terribly sorry for how much I trully SUCK! I guess it is my duty to explain where I have been. First of all I didn't mean to leave my comic on such a depressing panel. That was an old comic I doodled years ago when no one remembered my birthday. Where is Jake Ryan when you need hime eh? Anywho, yeah I just threw that up cause I had finally gotten a job in January. That along with school took up a vast majority of my time. Then during the summer I continued to work multiple jobs. Yeah on top of that I found myself once again single a few days before Valentines. This kinda drove me into a super bad funk. Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I rarely trust people and when I do it usually bites me in the @$$. Yeah so I kinda lost a lot of my happy go lucky inspiration and lost general interest in my own work. I should say though that I can't blame my ex. I honestly wish her all the happiness in the world. The situation blows, but hey what can I do? Anywho, I lost a lot of interest in my own work until recently I started doodling again. Just amusing pictures and then I found the folder where I kept all my comics, and dag gummit I wanted to give it another shot. I'm still uber busy, but hopefully I'll have a small amount of freetime come the holiday break. I plan on doing another blasphemy week and I am working on getting some guest filler in here. SOOOoooo Wish Me luck.

December 10, 2008:

I totally think that someone should email me so i know that button thing works. Also some comments would be cool. No pressure. I just wanna know if anyone other than my friends are looking at this...wait I just realized my friends don't actually look at this. OR DO YOU? WHY DON'T you guys call me? Huh? Is it cause I have a weird smell lately? I mean...Screw it XD hahaha yeah brain fart. So tests have kicked me harder in the nuts than I originally though, and i am still looking for work. I don't know if I can create enough buffer comics to have the regular updates i want to do but I will try. I MUST SUCCEED!

December 3, 2008:

Ok Ok so i just had the most brilliant drawing spasm while on the ride home today! I can't remember what inspired it, but I just made 5 brand spanking new single pannels. Now no one be offended, but they have...JESUS! Don't get mad at me. I am myself a Christian, but I like to think that Jesus is kind and easy going. If he gets on my site I'm pretty sure he chuckles and then shakes his head. Since Christmas time (a pagan celebration conveniently restructured to comemorate the birth of Jesus), is coming up I decided to celebrate this holy time of year with JESUS JOKES! Actually more like a Blasphemy Week. Hope you can all enjoy it no matter what the faith or whatever.

Novemver 28:

Ugh I am sooooo full of turkey. Well I totally would love to get up some new comics soon, but I am just a little busy at the moment. So regular updates are gonna be maybe another week. I have decided to upload some of my older strips as a sort of filler. I decided that it would be best to try and update at least twice a week once things get started most likely Mondays and Thursdays. That's all for now. Hope all who celebrated it had a happy thanksgiving

Novemver 26:

Yes I do know that my Thanksgiving comic is up a day early. No it's not a special treat. I just need to fix the update time. I tried to add a comment to this single pannel, but it royal screwed up so I'll just explain here. Little death is this doodle I came up with out of boredom. He has nothing to do with the characters I will eventually base this strip on. Just think of him as AMusing holiday filler. Pretty much my girlfriend saw the original lil death, thought he was cute, and inspired me to do a series of lil death inspired Holiday Single pannels. Gotta go to class now later.

Novemver 25:

So yeah I suck at html, but from the looks of things I am getting just a little bit better at it. I think I've wasted a little bit of time trying to relearn how to do all of this. Have no fear though I will get that Thanksgiving sigle pannel up. Still looking for work and finals in school are coming up so i might be kinda busy to do much here. I think I might make a couple quick fillers.

November 24:

Greetings to the world of the internet and welcome to my little corner aka Some People's Children. Yeah I know that a lot of the strips say, "Random Acts." Allow me to explain. I started drawing these comics as single panel doodles that just came to my mind while bored in class. Soon it evolved to this strange means of storytelling. I found making strips was just a fun way of telling some of the random crap that happened to me on a daily basis in a outlandish manner. What really got me going though was an add in my University paper. GOD WHY DID I ANSWER?! Let me explain I was dirt poor and the idea of making money by doodling in class sounded awesome. Only University's news paper can bite me. I rarely got published and made probably 40 bucks in one year. So after moving back in with the parents I started this page. I randomly uploaded comics that I had already doodled. Then full time work and school got in the way for a full freakin year! Now I am getting my act together. I'm still in school and unemployed right now. I'm looking for work cause I am dirt poor once again. So yeah...not much else to say. I have some new strips drawn and I just need to get them in the computer for all to enjoy. Definately will have a single pannel up by Thursday.